About Us

Your Pooper Scooper Headquarters

Professional & Friendly Staff

POOP 911 team members are friendly and dog-lovers by nature. We’re happy to service your property with your pet out as long as they are people-friendly.

So if you are looking for Pet/Dog Waste Removal and Cleanup services, POOP 911 is the pooper scooper service for you!

When was the last time you could walk through your yard without having to look down? At Poop 911, we believe that should be every day. We believe that you have a right to see your yard as your haven – an extension of your home, and NOT a giant outdoor toilet for your pups!

Would you like to play with your kids, fetch with your dog, or just have a backyard event without worrying about a poop mine field? Poop 911 is here to help. In the Phoenix and Tucson areas we’ve helped over 100 dog-owners reclaim their yard, their space, their time, and peace of mind. Don’t take my word for it – hear what our customers have to say!

Who We Are

My wife, Penny and I are natives of California. We decided to slow down from our hectic lifestyle and enjoy what Arizona had to offer several years ago. Penny is a third grade teacher. Our daughter, Samantha, is a successful pooper scooper with Poop911 in Salt Lake City and our son, Chad, is on track to becoming a future air traffic controller.

We have two Labradors that we adore. Bailey is an overly energetic and playful female chocolate lab who loves to swim anytime, anywhere. She can even dive to the bottom of a swimming pool for her beloved tennis ball. Kobe, is a black female lab, who weighs more than a small car. She is docile, loving, and a complete coward around other dogs. She cuddles as if she were a lap dog and is the most loyal dog we have ever had. We all go on a walk every morning in the desert, their favorite thing to do and mine, too.

As a family, we spent some of our most memorable and exciting vacations in Lake Havasu at Havasu Springs Resort riding jet skis, pulling the kids on inner tubes behind the boat, ATVing in the desert washes, and just generally soaking up the sun. We have loved the Arizona desert for as long as I can remember.

I had been a flooring contractor in California for 25 years, but never had as much gratification with my business as I do here in Arizona giving my customers, their families, and pets a clean and safe environment to share. I enjoy the furry friends I see each week and the positive relationships I have developed with their owners.

Poop911 has grown steadily each year and scooping poop gives our family a source of pride and satisfaction.

Thank you for your support in Arizona.