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Proud animal mom:

I am a proud dog momma to Zena and Bear, as well a proud cat mom to Jennifer. Zena is a 45 pound black with red brindle, Pitbull mix. She is full of life, she loves to run, go for walks, and bark at all things in our backyard. I rescued her from my veterinary assistant days where she came in, covered in ticks and reeked of garbage. Bear is named for his sheer size, he is a full-blooded Red on red brindle, red nose Pitbull who weighs a staggering 90 pounds. But don’t let his size fool you, he is the biggest baby. He is a problem child with many skin allergens and so we must bathe him often, which he hates every minute of it! Our cat is probably the most loving, cuddly, and talkative cat I have ever met. Jennifer’s favorite thing to do is cuddle. Every night when I lay down for bed, she must lay in my arms as I slowly drift to sleep. As you can very much tell, I care deeply about my pets and I hope that shows in my work for every single one of my customers and their pets too.

Who I am:

Hello, my name is Heather McGuire and I am originally from Austin, Texas. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to work with animals. My father had a Rottweiler named Rocky who died suddenly from food poisoning when I was merely eight years old. Since that experience I decided to dedicate my life to helping these sweet creatures.

Throughout my childhood, I helped save and rehome many animals. One of which, was my parents’ dog named Precious. Poor Precious swallowed a string and a stick had become wrapped around it, thus becoming stuck in her intestines. Precious began to vomit all that day and was lethargic. My mom being a nurse, got a syringe and started to wet her gums with water. She was administering the water too fast which caused Precious to vomit more. I decided to try my hand at it. All night I lightly administered water to her gums. By the morning, we were finally able to get her to an emergency surgeon. They said that because of my hard work, I kept her alive just in the nick of time.

After high school, I worked at an emergency animal hospital as a receptionist and briefly shadowed our family veterinarian before I started College at Texas Tech University. While at Texas Tech, I held many leadership roles, one of which was President of the complex I lived in. I also had worked in a laboratory under Dr. Guy Loneragan where we studied Cow manure and the effects E. Coli and other infectious bacteria has on HACCP. After four years, I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science of May 2014.

Shortly after graduation, I got a job at Poop 911 of Austin. That’s when I first decided to get my “hands dirty” in the poop biz. But shortly after that, I uprooted my Texas lifestyle and made the move to Arizona. Once I got here, I never looked back. I worked as a part-time Poop Scooper for Arizona Poop 911, part-time Veterinary assistant, and full-time animal lover. I had loved every minute of it! 2018 rang in the new year, as well as me becoming the owner of the franchises here for Poop911 of Phoenix and Tucson! I am very humbled for this journey thus far and look forward to growing this into something bigger than I could only imagine! My number one job is to make sure my customers are happy and get as much enjoyment with their furry best friends, like I do with mine. That’s why I let people call me to do the dirty work; as I look forward to scooping for you soon!